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Behavioral goals

@ptjr83’s Lunch time Trainer thought of the day: ******************************** Setting up realistic goals. “ I want to look like (insert celebrity) by next Tuesday”

Well let me just be upfront, not gonna happen.

Here’s why:

  1. celebrity has been working out everyday for the last 10 years, while you “can’t find time” to workout twice a week.

  2. celebrity has a personal chef and doesn’t drink. Your diet consists of constantly eating out, because you “can’t or don’t have time” to cook and binge drinking 3xs a week.

Instead of making the goal a number or looking like a person, make the goals behavior goals.

Behavior goals are habits you build daily to help you reach your goals. These are all things that you have complete control over.

  1. protein at every meal

  2. veggies at every meal

  3. an hour of daily exercise

  4. drink enough water

  5. get enough sleep

  6. track my calories

It's great to have a scale goal, but think outside the box as well, and set up a list of behavior goals that are going to be the catalyst to reaching your goals.

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