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When we started the 40 day Fittest loser challenge, I started a separate little experiment with my 7pm group class. The particIpants in my 7pm group class all varied in starting weight from 164lbs to 356lbs, and have female and male participants. The only thing that each participant had in common was that they all have struggled with weight loss.

They were given weekly challenges to complete. They didn’t know this, but I was basing these challenges around each participants weakness and false beliefs when It came to nutrition.

The challenges included the following:

🔹tracking their calories for the 40days including weekends

🔹sending pics of meal prep completed

🔹working out two days they weren’t with me

🔹must have a cheat meal

What was the outcome? Everyone in the group that fully participated lost 10+ pounds in the month! Things we learned along the way

🔺even though most of them were scared of carbs, a majority of their calories 60%, came from carbs and they still lost weight weekly as long as they came within their calorie range. Carbs are not the enemy.

🔺the person that heard that fruit would make them fat from a friend “due to sugar” ate fruit daily and lost weight weekly.

🔺the person that was scared to have a cheat meal, ate a donut before their weigh In, staying within their calorie range and lost 3lbs .

🔺 the person that never tracked, became aware of how the weekends were ruining their progress

🔺the person that never prepped, learned that structure was all they needed

No ladies and gents, you don’t need to be low carb, keto, vegan, starve, intermittent fasting, never enjoy the foods you like, the MOST important thing for weight loss is still calories in and out.

Congrats to all the participants for learning structure and consistency, this will keep you on the road to success forever.

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