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Voyage Chicago article

So I was given the opportunity to be featured on Voyage Chicago as a small business, which is a huge deal to me because, we are just a small business, we’re not Xsport or Orange theory, we don’t have any corporate backing so we rely heavily on our communities, social media, all you guys, to get the word out on who we are as a company, and to be able to flourish and grow.

Thank you guys for all the love and support, for constantly sharing my posts, giving me nothing but positive feedback on everything that I’ve done over the years, it means the world to me because at the end of the day this is how we feed our families and keep a roof over our heads and without you guys none of it is possible.

I never ask, but please please if you can share this article for me on whatever platform of social media you use, I’d greatly appreciate it!!!! Thank you all!

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