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30 day challenge

What’s my secret to losing 200lbs and keeping it off?

Well simply put, meal prep. The biggest downfall as to why people don’t hit their goals is poor food choices. If you have structure and food readily available you’re less likely to say, “ugh I don’t have anything to eat, might as well eat at McDonalds for the fourth time this week”

I know people love “30 day challenges” here’s one for you. I don’t want you to train with me or send me any money. I want you to take the money you would have spent on a bullshit supplement that “gets results fast” and I want you to spend it on groceries. I want you to pick 5 sources of lean protein you enjoy, 5 complex carbs you like, and 3 healthy fats you enjoy and make 3 meals a day out them. If you need a list I’ll send it to you.

On top of that I want you to go out every Saturday night with friends, a significant other, or by yourself and have a dinner you really enjoy. Anything.

I want you to find a way you like being active and do it 3-5 times a week.

If you do this will you lose 30 pounds in 1 week? Absolutely the fuck not.

You will however consistently lose 1-3 pounds a week depending on how big the deficit is, which will lead to 4-12 pounds a month, which will lead to 36-144 pounds in a year.

More importantly you will not be starving to lose weight, and learning healthy eating habits which you can keep up for more than a “30 day challenge”

Diets are for short term goals, healthy eating habits, well that’s for life long goals.

8 years of keeping the weight off, there’s a reason I still mea prep to this day, I know that regardless of what bullshit the industry tries to sell you, there’s only one way to keep it off.

As always, Coach Hendrix approves of this message and these meals 😜😉🐶

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