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How to lose weight

Lunch time trainer thought of the day:

The most common thing a trainer hears is the following line:

“ I’m hardly eating and I’m not losing any weight, what the hell”

Here’s how they recall eating: 6am: coffee

11am: fruit 2pm: chicken salad 4pm: protein shake & 1 piece of fruit 7pm: rice, salmon, and veggies

Here’s what’s really going on: 6am: 500+ calorie Frappuccino or drink from Starbucks/ Dunkin plus pastry 11am: piece of fruit plus 4 cookies that were out for everyone because it’s a work party. 12pm: latte 2pm chicken salad with heavy dressing cheese bacon and croutons 3pm handful of nuts you keep in your desk. 4pm protein shake fruit plus that “healthy” granola bar 7pm salmon, rice, veggies, drowning in olive oil. 9pm “glass” of wine because it’s been a long day

Let’s be honest, there’s only one reason the scale doesn’t move and that is because you’re eating too much to be in a deficit. This is the greatest reason to track you calories for newbies and those struggling. So you can 1) see if you’re eating more than you think, and 2) the accountability. Nothing will stop you quicker from having 600 calorie “coffee” than seeing its 600 calories.

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