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Quick fixes

This how I would promote it:

Take this great new preworkout supplement to fuel your workout and help keep you focused through the most intense training session. Then take this intra workout supplement to keep you fueled and maximize your gains. When you’re done with your workout, take this post workout supplement to help recover, and make sure to take it within 30 minutes or your workout doesn’t count. Now, send me $300 for all theses supplements, and if you want to make it easy, we can put you on auto pay every month so that they get shipped to you every month to keep your results coming.

Now here’s the truth:

Keep your money, add plenty of veggies to your grocery lists, lean protein sources from meat or non meat products, complex carbs, and healthy fats. Consistently eat to your caloric goal for weeks, months, or years depending how much weight you have to lose. It’s doesn’t sound as sexy as “ get results fast with this” but it’s the truth. Companies take advantage of society’s quick fix mentality, but nothing beats consistency in your diet. Don’t believe me? Drop the supplements and just hit your calorie goals, let me know how much weight you lose in a month 😉.

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