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Client success!

Client spotlight:

Amber is a client I trained for about two months, while she was home from school. We did a total of 16 sessions over the summer and she lost 22 pounds!! So proud of all her work! No secret supplement or pill, just consistency with nutrition and and her workouts. Here’s the review she left on yelp for the time we worked together.


I am so pleased that I got to train with Leo. Every training session with him was very successful. From the start, he was always so supportive and made sure I was comfortable with every workout. I started around the first week of June training with him, until about mid August. Throughout that time I noticed so many changes to my body. I was dropping weight, but most importantly my body was starting to look more defined. I also became a lot stronger, healthier, and just mentally better. Leo pushed me in every training session to make sure I was getting the most out of it. Not only did he help with the physical part of working out, he helped me learn a lot about nutrition. I now know that it is important to strength train & eat right when trying to lose weight or when just trying to get healthier and stronger. Now that I’m back in school, I still do a lot of the workouts that I was doing with Leo. He has helped me on my journey in more than one way and I am grateful. He will help you see your growth and you will be more than happy with yourself and the results you start to see along the way!

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