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Tracking Challenge

Alright ladies and gents, I got a lot of positive feedback about the group experiment I did during the fittest loser competition. Due to this, I’ll be doing a 40 day track your calories challenge!

What you need to participate:

1) My fitness pal - download the app and add me as a friend. Username: MIHPT

2) $20 entry fee


Participants must weigh in at the beginning of the competition and end of the competition. You will receive a point for every full day tracked, (yes weekends too) that you stay within 100 calories of your goal. You will also receive a point for every percentage of body weight you lose, i.e. If you weigh 200lbs and lose 20 pounds you have lost 10% of your body weight and would receive ten points. The winner will win one month of personal or group training to help keep your results going!

We will start this challenge Wednesday March 6th and end Thursday April 18th.

You have all seen from various posts how tracking helps keep you accountable, become aware of what you’re putting in your body, and most importantly gets results.

Get ready for the summer with this challenge! Contact me ASAP to participate!

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