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Be Real

#tbt no motivational caption, just honest facts. If you want to change your life, start with the lifestyle you live.

Are you drinking all your calories which lead to over eating as well? Are you not active enough? Do you eat out too often ? Do you make your health your priority?

You can workout everyday, you will never out work the calories you take in while eating or drinking no matter how many hours you spend in the gym if your goal is weight loss until you make the necessary changes and are consistent with your diet.

To be able to make a change you first have to acknowledge the problem. If you don’t address the underlying issues, you’ll more than likely not hit your goal or yo yo with your weight.

I saw a good friend of mine, post this in his story and I thought it was a great line so I’ll share it with you all.

“Don’t just be kind to yourself, be REAL. Speak truth, not just nice things”

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