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Trainer thought of the day

Lunch time trainer thought of the day.

Counting macros:

Is getting enough protein important? Sure.

But what does it matter if you hit your protein goal while you had a whole pizza, 6 beers, and three donuts bringing you to 5000 calories when your goal was 2000 to be on a deficit for weight loss 🤷🏽‍♂️. Portion control will always be king. Flex dieting doesn’t mean eat whatever you want, it means mostly good food choices mixed with a treat here and there.

Don’t over think dieting, it’s really not hard at all, the internet just likes naming their diet the best diet so they have something to sell you. No matter which diet you choose, you’ll have to be at a deficit to lose weight.

Track your calories using one of a million apps out there, I still use my fitness pal to this day even though I eat pretty similar every week, it’s my trainer, it keeps me accountable.

Follow this simple model. Lean protein and veggies at every meal, plus a complex carb or healthy fat and you’ll probably hit your goals calorie and macronutrient wise. Also you won’t be “starving” if you’re eating a majority of healthier choices.

I’ll list below the outline I’ve used with clients over the years that have gotten all the result you consistently see me post about:

Protein: Whole eggs Egg whites Chicken Ground Turkey Turkey sausage lean cuts of pork Trout Salmon Halibut Tuna Crab Lobster Shrimp Top round steak Top sirloin steak Lean ground beee Wild game (bison, venison, etc.) Tofu Tempeh

Carbs: Oatmeal Brown rice Quinoa Sweet potatoes Whole wheat or quinoa pasta Black beans Couscous Eziekiel bread Whole wheat or spinach wraps Whole wheat English muffins Fats Avocado Olive oil Coconut oil Raw or dry roasted nuts Almond butter Low fat cheese Flax seed 4-6 ounces protein + carb or fat + veggies at every meal

Well there you go, free diet plan. What’s it gonna be, excuses or results. If you want it, ake It Happen! #bodybuilding #cleaneating #diet #eatclean #exercise #fit #fitness fitnessaddict #fitspo #getfit #gym #health #health #healthy #healthychoices #instahealth #lifestyle #motivation #strong #train #training #workout #makeithappenpt1

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