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What’s to blame

Trainer thought of the day:

1990’s: Blame Fat

2005: Blame carbs 2018: Blame sugar

Truth is: We are to blame. We intake too many calories and don’t burn enough, regardless of the food/nutrient type, that’s literally what it comes down to. “ oh but the food industry”

No, the food industry is a business, it is their job to sell. It is your job to be a responsible consumer. No one makes you be excessive with your food and drink orders. 1 donut never made anyone overweight. 4 donuts daily with your coffee on top of all your other meals, repeated for years is what made you overweight.

If you’ve gone out with me for dinner, you know I eat and enjoy my drink or dessert as well. I live by the 85% 15% rule, 85% healthy nutrient dense foods, 15% “fun foods”. That balance helped me lose weight, keep it off, and not go crazy from being too restrictive.

Is it a fast process? Absolutely not, but it’s the most effective way to make it a lifestyle and find a balance that works.

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